In 2017, two larger projects were implemented. Dreamtown supported the Sierra Leonean NGO, Youth Dream Centre, to consolidate its educational programmes in three cities. As a result, more than 600 young people have benefitted from a having a safe and creative space to learn. Dreamtown also initiated an emergency response to the severe flooding and mudslide in Freetown in August 2017, which caused the death of more than 1000 people. Below is an overview of concrete results and contributions towards the Sustainable Development Goals.   


Non-formal education

Almost 400 young people increased their reading, writing and math skills through free and non-formal education.


Technical skills for improved employment

Almost 200 young people received free training in technical and vocational skills, including IT, media and, computer training, leading to improved employability.

Creative learning space

A solar powered education centre in Magburaka, build with support from Architects Without Borders, was finalised.


Humanitarian response to flooding

120 children and youth directly affected by flooding and mudslides in Freetown received sanitation and school materials, as well as scholarship support. 4000 people in six disaster affected communities increased their resilience through community disaster risk awareness campaigns. 300 youth were trained in disaster risk reduction. 


Local partnerships and capacity strengthening

Dreamtown continued the collaboration with our local partner Youth Dream Centre Sierra Leone. Two interns from Dreamtown worked closely with YDC i the beginning of 2017. In June, two staff members from YDC travelled to Denmark and participated in a Danida Fellowship Centre course on strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations.