Event in Copenhagen: Rethinking sustainable urban development and public spaces

On December 13th 2018, Dreamtown and the Australian organisation Urban Synergies Group are hosting an event with a focus on sustainable urban development with the support of CISU - Civilsamfund i Udvikling. We will explore new approaches to sustainable development in cities with a special focus on public space. Based on the Sustainable Development Goals and The New Urban Agenda, we will discuss the difference between liveability and lovability and give examples of ways to create lovable cities.

Workshop objective: To explore new approaches towards sustainable urban development and public space anchored in the paradigm of urban lovability.

Participants will develop a solid understanding of:

  • The New Urban Agenda and the SDGs in an urban perspective

  • The difference between urban liveability and lovability

  • Concrete methods which can be used to engage in actions for lovable cities


16.30-16.45: Welcome // Introduction by Dreamtown

16.45-17.00: The dominant urban development frameworks //The New Urban Agenda; The SDGs in an urban perspective; Urban liveability

17.00-17.15: Making a case for urban lovability //Presentation of exemplary work that focus on lovability and wellbeing instead of liveability

17.15-17.45: Interactive break

17.45-18.15: Method 1: Novel Urban Analysis Model // Presentation of model that can be used to measure urban wellbeing and engage in evidence driven advocacy for lovable cities

18.15-19.00: Method 2: Play-workshop format // Presentation of experiential learning method which can be used to co-design lovable cities

19.00-19.30: Closure // Discussion and wrap up

(There will also be a bite to eat throughout the evening).

About Dreamtown

Dreamtown is a Danish NGO that works for the wellbeing of young people in cities through the development of creative, activist, and resilient urban space. Dreamtown supports the development of urban spaces which can spark an idea, ignite a dream, bring people together, and equip young people with knowledge. Through more than ten years, Dreamtown has worked in Sierra Leone with local partners and youth. Read more: https://www.dreamtown.ngo/.

About Urban Synergies Group

Urban Synergies Group (USG) is an Australian based organisation that works with shaping healthy communities around the world, with a vision to achieve meaningful impacts in urban systems that lead to improved outcomes on health and wellbeing. Their team of trans-disciplinary international experts cover areas of sustainable urban development, human rights, urban design, space making, facilitation, eco-mobility, advocacy and governance. Read more: https://urbansynergiesgroup.org/.

***To register for the event, please write an email to dreamtown@dreamtown.ngo***

Dreamtown Denmark