New project in 2018: Creating space for young people in Urban Sierra Leone

Great news! Dreamtown has been awarded a new project! With support from CISUs Civil Society Fund, Dreamtown and Youth Dream Centre Sierra Leone will create space for young people in Sierra Leone, guided by the dreams of the urban youth. With an overall goal to improve the wellbeing of young people in urban Sierra Leone, the project will increase participation for young people in shaping society and improve their access to safe and inclusive public spaces in the city. 

This project sees public spaces as opportunities to generate ownership and citizen involvement for one of Sierra Leone’s most vulnerable groups: the youth. Their access to safe and inclusive public spaces in the city is very limited. This is alarming in terms of their wellbeing, as the individual living conditions of many young people are poor, and their needs for recreation and socialisation are unfulfilled. This project uses the creation and improvement of quality public spaces for the most vulnerable urban youth as a tool to promote inclusion and safety of young people in the city and improve their overall wellbeing.

The intervention will create access to space(s) for a young civil society through the design and implementation of 15 youth friendly and disaster resilient spaces that address the dreams and visions of young Sierra Leoneans. The spaces will be developed in communities in need of a more youth friendly and inclusive environment that will promote youth participation.

We are very excited to partner up with Urban Synergies Group in this project to create better cities for youth and improve their access to safe and inclusive spaces. Urban Synergies Group is an Australian based organisation that works with shaping healthy communities around the world, with a vision to achieve meaningful impacts in urban systems that lead to improved outcomes on health and well-being.

The project starts in September 2018. 

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