To see cities that cultivate the wellbeing of young people 

Cities are celebrated as innovation hubs, economic powerhouses, breeding ground for arts and culture, technological frontiers, spaces with inspiring architecture, a way of sustainable living, fostering vibrant youth cultures, and much, much more. In Dreamtown, we love the city. 

However, we are also mindful of the fact that the right to the city’s opportunities are not for all. More than 1 billion people live in slums - a number that increases by the day as a result of global urbanisation.

A life in slums is characterised by violence, limited access to sanitation, water, health facilities and schooling, poor housing, poor job opportunities, exposure to impacts of climate change, and limited access to safe and inclusive public spaces. While the majority of the urban population is young people, this is also one of the most marginalised groups. Dreamtown’s vision is to see cities that cultivate the wellbeing of all young people, not just a few. 



To transform slums into safe, green, and creative spaces together with young people 

Dreamtown contributes to making cities inclusive towards the wellbeing of all people. In doing so, our work focuses on crating a meaningful change in the lives of young people living in slums across major cities in Africa. 

Our work is undertaken in directs partnership with young people - building on their dreams, resources, and potentials. It is in close dialogue with young people that we have formulated our strategy to transform slums into safe, green, and creative spaces. 

Safe spaces that allow you to move freely through the streets at night and hang out with your friends in public without feeling insecure; Green spaces where you can feel nature, be rejuvenated, and that address the effects of climate change; Creative spaces that spark your imagination and provide the necessary skills for translating your dreams of the good city life into reality.